We are Family by Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

We are Family

Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

An absorbing modern family saga telling the story of conflicting generations - their hopes, their relationships, their misunderstandings and their love affairs. Set in the fictional seaside town of Stepmouth during a rainy 1950s summer and in present day Mallorca. Pacy, powerful and with genuine surprises.

Laurie felt her legs carrying her forward towards the harbour, a slick of sweat was breaking out all over her skin in the heat. Her heart was pounding. Her stomach clenched with what could only be a sickness induced by guilt. After all, she was an imposter. Feeling as she did, she knew she was deliberately betraying her new family and all the trust they'd placed in her. And not only her family. Wasn't it true that she was betraying her friends, James, herself? She should turn and get the hell away from here as fast as possible.
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