Skinjob by Bruce McCabe


Bruce McCabe

A bomb goes off in a brothel staffed by robots. Agent Daniel Madsen must find the bomber before he strikes again. Could it be the Christian Far Right? He is armed with the latest technology: a foolproof lie detector and cameras and computers which seem to cover every inch of the USA. Set in 2019 this is a very believable page-turner in which sex, religion and money collide.


Shari watched as the collage came together, piece by piece. Her team started with the more distant cameras to frame the smoke plume and get a sense of the size of the affected area, then worked inwards, experimenting to get the best angles. They hit paydirt with camera 643, less than thirty yards from the scene and tilted crazily at the sky, but still functioning. When they rotated it, an image came into view straight from the London Blitz.

  • The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
  • The hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
  • Encrypted by Carolyn McCray

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