Sweets from Morocco by Jo Verity

Sweets from Morocco

Jo Verity

I was instantly drawn into this story in the first chapter as the vivid account reminded of the forgotten details of my own childhood. From here we follow the fractured lives of Tessa and Lewis; deeply affected by a tragic event one summer' day. Beware what you wish for...

At first, the children found the storms thrilling,chasing upstairs to get a clearer view of the lightening and to count the seconds until the thunder cracked, sometimes shaking the house and causing them to shriek with terrified delight. But they soon tired of it. They were trapped in the house for hours on end. The temperature never dropped. Milk curdled and chocolate melted. At night it was impossible to find a cool inch of sheet and the air seemed low on oxygen. The whole family became tetchy through shortage of sleep. The baby failed to settle, day or night, and he developed an angry-looking rash.
'D'you think it's got anything to do with ... you know?' Lewis whispered....
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