We Are the End by Gonzalo C Garcia

We Are the End

Gonzalo C Garcia

Tomas finds it hard to deal with life. He wants adventures, to take risks but he fails. He wants his woman to stay, but she takes risks and has adventures. He meets women and has sex, but not love. Everyone around him is having adventures, even his most laid back friend. What is wrong with him? Why can he not take risks? This is what the reader has to consider. These questions are the heart of the book. Read it - laugh, think and enjoy.

Tomas is in deep shit. He never quite got to writing a story and he begins to breathe hard trying to look in his IDEAS book for what he knows isn't there and he feels his back still wet with rain and he wishes all those assholes outside would just be quiet for once and understand that there are people here who actually have to work and ... He will have to improvise.
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Explicit sexual Content