Snowleg by Nicholas Shakespeare


Nicholas Shakespeare

Peter believes he is a normal teenager, until his mother reveals that his father is actually an East German man whose name she hardly knew, and he begins to search for him. While in Leipzig he meets a girl. Romantic, disturbingly frank and yet endearing this is a great read, I was enthralled from beginning to end, desperate to know if Peter can find his father, the girl and himself.

Her head moved into the light and fell back. Peter saw her fleetingly, enough for the air to boil around her. He couldn't properly see her face, and leaned forward, eager for another look. Willing her to move forward again.

In the gallery the orchestra began playing again, and now the music reached into him to a level it hadn't before. He thought of his mother singing in the Bach competition in the year before he was born. Wishing she were seated next to him to whisper the name of the cantata. And it excited him to go on watching the young woman listening the music, not seeing him.

She opened her eyes and caught him loking at her and their eyes locked. Her mouth fell open a little. She half-turned, gazing back at him through different depths in a slow surfacing. With a shake of her head, she rose to her feet.

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