The Memory Artists by Jeffrey Moore

The Memory Artists

Jeffrey Moore

Such a complex plot but it does intrigue. This is a story of memory, contrasting Norval who has the precise memory of a synaesthete and his mother who he attempts to nurse through Alzheimers and it is all bound up with the drugs which might help, might heal or cause more damage. Whilst the protagonists fought confusion so did I as the reader. Personally, I preferred Jules Hardy's Altered Land. But this book is probably much cleverer.


March 27. Mom has taken to circling dates on her calendar and writing things on her skin. Her left hand is covered with blue reminders across the palm and up and down all five fingers. And these sad words across her wrist 'I am Stella Burun'.

  • Idioglossia by Elinor Bailey
  • The Unnumbered by Sam North

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