The Coffee Trader by David Liss

The Coffee Trader

David Liss

Feel, touch, smell and taste the bustling streets of 17th century Amsterdam. Coffee is now the hot commodity - offering Miguel Lienzo, a Jew fleeing from the Portugeuse Inquisition, the opportunity to try his luck with a daring scheme. This is historical suspence at its most exciting - it will keep you guessing to the final chapter.

The coffee scent began to make him light-headed with something like desire. No, not desire. Greed. Geertruid had stumbled upon something, and Miguel felt her infectious eagerness swelling in his chest. It was like panic or jubilance or something else, but he wanted to leap from his seat. Was this energy from the strength of her idea or the effect of the coffee? If coffee fruit made a man unable to keep from fidgeting, how could it be the drink of commerce? Still, coffee was something marvellous, and if he could dare to hope that no one in Amsterdam plotted to take advantage of this new drink, it could be the very thing to save him from ruin.
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