Without Blood by Alessandro Baricco

Without Blood

Alessandro Baricco

An ideal read for dull train journeys. Sparely but beautifully written this is a story to devour in one sitting. As satisfying as a good vintage wine it will leave you savouring the flavour for a long while after.


Tito looked up. Through a small window he saw that it was dark outside. He hadn’t even realised that it was dark outside. It was time go, to get away from there. Then he knelt on the floor, and lifted the trapdoor. There was a girl inside, curled up on her side, her hands hidden between her thighs, her head bent forward slightly, towards her knees. Her eyes were open.

Tito pointed his gun at her.

  • Embers by Sandor Marai
  • The Red Tower - painting by Giorgio De Chirico

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