The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan

The Spinning Heart

Donal Ryan

The Celtic tiger of Ireland's economic boom has collapsed and the residents of a small Irish town are suffering from the effect. The novel is told in the voices of 21 residents. Their stories are much more than an account of their present predicament as all the misery and resentment of the past is poured out in blunt and colourful language including Irish words and phrases. A debut novel, longlisted for the 2013 Man-Booker prize. I loved it.


I couldn't ever get over it. I was never able to get around it. I never forgave my brother or my sons that were there that day or God or the sea or the wind. I never forgave myself. I could never let the light go back on in my mind. I never found peace.

  • The Happiest Days by Cressida Connolly
  • Solace by Belinda McKeon

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