The Depths of the Forest by Eugenio Fuentes

The Depths of the Forest

Eugenio Fuentes

PI Ricardo Cupido investigates the murder of a beautiful female artist 'In the Depths of the Forest'. So far so usual, but Fuentes combines characterisation by Patricia Highsmith with the plotting of Agatha Christie, adds a sense of place from Georges Simenon and of town vs country as in Stephen Booth to produce a great crime novel that is all his own. Watch out Perez-Reverte, you have a homegrown challenger now.


Cupido was discovering once more how long spite can fester in a certain type of countryman who's addicted to rough red wine and corduroy trousers, and who can keep the memory of a minor snub alive for decades .... In the capital, he thought, everything moves faster, there isn't enough space to hang on to things, nor the same capacity for keeping alive the memory of insults.

  • The Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte
  • Thumbprint by Friedrich Glauser
  • Any by Stephen Booth

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