Astonishing Splashes of Colour  by Clare Morrall

Astonishing Splashes of Colour

Clare Morrall

This is a first novel and a real page-turner. The story is told by Kitty Wellington, a damaged character looking for stability and love. Kitty is brought up, with her older brothers, by her painter father after her mother is killed in a car crash and her sister runs away from home. All the characters are drawn with great sympathy and you will find that you care a great deal about Kitty within a very few pages.

I fight my way through the crush and buy two programmes, but when I return to where I think I left the girls, I can't see them. My stomach lurches painfully and I look around in panic. I approach a couple standing by a pillar. 'Have you seen my girls, my two girls?' I am talking too fast. I try to slow down 'I left them here, two blonde girls, very pretty-'
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