The Hermit by Thomas Rydahl

The Hermit

Thomas Rydahl

Nordic noir in a warm climate? Living in self-exile on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, loner Erhard is an eccentric Danish taxi driver turned amateur sleuth, trying to solve a case the local police have closed down for fear of harming the resort’s tourist trade. The slow paced plot leaves plenty of room for subtlety of characterisation and gritty local atmosphere. Expect violence and graphic sex scenes.

The sensitivity Erhard noticed a moment ago is once again gone .... The police picked the right whore. Naive, but not without intelligence. Someone to be dominated, but not manipulated. Ambitious, but not desperate. Though it’s not exactly a mystery how the daughter of olive farmers wound up as a prostitute, there’s surely more to it than bad grades in school and a rejected job application at the local supermarket. Only a parent can destroy a person this badly. Only an evil parent can make a person so cold, so indifferent, that one will sell oneself in bite-sized chunks garnished with one’s soul.
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Explicit sexual content