Broken by Daniel Clay


Daniel Clay

A realistic novel set on a small estate in the South of England. It deals with how people impinge on each other's lives, with often unimaginable consequences, sometimes driving each other to desperate acts. Yet at the same time it is full of humour and quirkiness. If you're a fan of TV soaps which often portray extremes of behaviour, with occasional moments of bleak humour, then you should enjoy this.

Skunk stayed at Skunk's bedroom window for the next 20 minutes, but when nothing of interest happened they went to Jed's room and played Xbox. As Skunk's Obi-Wan Kenobi slaughtered Jed's Darth Vader, Jed whispered, as an aside, 'Sleep with your windows locked tonight, Skunk.'
She glanced at him then back at the light-sabre battle before her.
'What? Why?'
'Broken's back' he told her. 'Who knows what'll happen.'
'Why should anything happen?'
'He's an axe-murderer-psycho-killer, remember.'
'No he isn't.'
'Yes he is.'
'No he isn't. The police never came out and put tents up. The Oswalds came back from the seaside. Broken Buckley never killed anyone.'
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