Everything You Ever Wanted by Rosalind Wyllie

Everything You Ever Wanted

Rosalind Wyllie

Soho 1991. Stripper Tiggy is a 'poor little rich girl', her friend Scarlett 'a tart with a heart'. Or are they? Are they even friends? A fast, darkly funny, sometimes scary, look at who really is to blame when lives seem to be going wrong. Very highly recommended for those who like their thrillers (or romances) to be noir.


I can't talk to Scarlett about how I feel. The very mention of Tony's name and she goes off on a rant about child-snatching perverts and how girls like me are 'all about the bloke'. I can't work out whether she is a fervent feminist or a misogynist.

  • The Tatooed Girl by Joyce Carol Oates
  • The Dying Game by Catherine Johnson
  • Getting Even by Mitzi Szereto (ed)

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