Give Us This Day by Jonathan Tulloch

Give Us This Day

Jonathan Tulloch

After thirty years as a priest Tom Carey believes he is losing his faith. The bishop decides a change is as good as a rest and moves Father Carey to a port chaplaincy on the River Tees. From the comfortable world of candles, readers' rotas, baptisms and funerals, Father Tom finds himself a priest without a church working with prostitutes, drunks and sailors far from home. This a page-turner about faith and love with a complex and sympathetic central character. If you ever wondered if priests and nuns were human beings beneath their habits read this book!

The Bishop stared at him. Out of his view, Tom's hands strengthened their grip until he could feel the pain, then they fell inert on his lap, like something strangled. 'Whenever anyone talks to me my mind wanders; even when I'm saying Mass. I have such uncharitable thoughts.' The priest blushed with shame. 'Such disgusting thoughts. Last week I ... this is very difficult for me. During the consecration last week, I found myself doubting.'
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