Meet me Under the Ombu Tree by Santa Montefiore

Meet me Under the Ombu Tree

Santa Montefiore

Sophia grows up on a ranch on the Argentine pampa, part of an extended privileged family. Santi, likewise. The pair grow up, fall in love, and Sophie becomes pregnant with Santi's child. The problem is that they are first cousins and Sophie's family will stop at nothing to bring an end to the relationship.

I left Argentina in the summer of 1976, but as long as my heart beats, its resonance shall vibrate across those grassy plains, despite all that has happened since. I grew up on the family ranch or campo as they say in Spanish. Santa Catalina was set in the middle of that plain which is part of the vast eastern region they call the pampa. Flat as a ginger nut biscuit, you can see for miles in every direction.
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