Slicky Boys by Martin Limon

Slicky Boys

Martin Limon

This crime thriller really captures what it's like to live in a US Army base town in South Korea in the 1970s. The two central characters are absolutely convincing and are well supported by a huge and colourful cast. Strong on atmosphere and the GI langauge is spot on too. I couldn't stop reading!


We'd taken the money to deliver a note to Cecil Whitcomb, and now he was dead. Military justice doesn't know much about mercy. If anybody found out we'd be kicked out of the Army with a bad-discharge or end up doing time in the Federal Penitentiary in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, or both. This wasn't going to be a routine case.

  • Jade Lady Burning by Martin Limon
  • Ghostwritten by David Mitchell
  • Playing for Thrills by Wang Shuo

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