Point Deception by Marcia Muller

Point Deception

Marcia Muller

Chock full of intrigue, suspense and unexpected happenings. Rho Swift, a deputy, finally comes to terms with an horrific event thirteen years ago, by confronting her fears and solving the case. Finding out along the way that life can be good after all.

That was a close call with the man on the highway. Rho thought as she turned into the parking lot of the Soledad County Coastal Substation. At least the guy had been nice about it - not common behaviour in Signal Port, where locals tended to be prickly about anything to do with traffic. He was a stranger of course, and not a bad looking one, with that thick silvery hair and tanned, craggy face. From the city, probably, and trying to fit in on the coast, but his wool shirt was too good quality and his jeans too crisp and new for him to escape notice.
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