The Diary of Andy Angus by Joe Brewer-Lennon

The Diary of Andy Angus

Joe Brewer-Lennon

This self-published, autobiographical novel sparkles with tender honesty and nuanced black humour as Andy confides in his diary over the breakup of his long-term relationship and the succession of disastrous encounters that follow throughout 2010. By New Year 2011, you'll know the Edinburgh gay scene very well.


Sunday 2nd May

323 Leith Walk

The bedsits are on the top floor of a long row of tenements just above the Caprice restaurant. Sally was there, in a black and red silk housecoat and 7-inch heels - What else? - to show me around the room I've been given in Ms Molasses Brown's 'Land of Lost Souls', as my hostess put it. Room 4, my room, is next to Sally's (Room 3). There are four bedsits in total. The bathroom, with a shower over the bath, is shared by all. There's a payphone in the hall that rang a few times, but no one answered it; Sally ignored it throughout my tour. Later, when I answered it, there was just static at the end of the line. It sits on a mahogany telephone table that's laden with unopened mail from previous tenants. All-in-all, the hall is clean and functional. The carpet looks new but retro 70s, and the air has the fresh odour of Magnolia & Vanilla Shake n' Vac about it. I wanted to step back in time, and there I was.

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