Dead Writers in Rehab by Paul Bassett Davies

Dead Writers in Rehab

Paul Bassett Davies

Funny and sad, disturbing and life-affirming, this is the surprisingly profound story of a man who wakes up dead. Full of literary pastiches, it will keep you guessing right to the end and thinking long afterwards. I've never read anything like it!

I was alone in my room, gazing into a bottomless abyss of howling, existential horror. Pretty much an average day, even before I discovered I was dead. But everything gets boring if you do it by yourself for long enough so I decided to go and find someone else to do it with. I had a vague idea of looking for Paddy. It crossed my mind that if we were now both dead I could finally tell him what I really thought of him. I'd probably done that a few times when we were alive but I would have been too drunk to remember it afterwards and that's no fun. And I was lonely.
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