Innocent World by Amy Sakurai

Innocent World

Amy Sakurai

At first I didn't like Ami or her self-distructive life and I found this short novel hard going. But by the time I was half way I just had to know how it turned out for her and desperately wanted her to escape from her despair.


I always end up in Shibuya when I feel that way. Formed by people's hidden longing for solace, Shibuya is a palace of ice floating painfully pale in a pool of thick silver blood that the million gashes sliced into the moon pour out. In the light it glistens like a beautiful rainbow but is itself only a cold, hollow shell.
It accepts no one from the heart. If you try to embrace it you're shoved away with freezing hands.
Just like me.

  • Vibrator by Mari Akasaka
  • Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

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