The Last Shot by Hugo Hamilton

The Last Shot

Hugo Hamilton

A young American living in Germany sets out to find the location of the last shot fired in World War II and finds himself being drawn into the story of German officer, Franz Kern and young Bertha Sommer as they flee Czechoslavakia and the advancing Red Army. Expect history, love and adventure - this one will appeal to readers looking for a combination of all three.

She stood up. Maybe they were local people, she thought. But there was something wrong. She was certain of that. There was no time to wait and ask. She made eye contact with one of the men. Then she was sure.
She shouted, 'Franz ... Franz ....'
She decided to run. Her way to Franz was blocked, so she ran away. She ran down-hill, back down the hill she had just climbed. She heard them running after her. She was faster, she thought. She was getting away, travelling so fast she thought she was on the bike again. When she arrived down at the bottom of the hill, she ran into the trees, just short of the farm-house. She would be safe at the farm. Or maybe she could double back up again to Franz.
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