Home by Manju Kapur


Manju Kapur

A tender story of three generations of the Banwari Lal family who are all involved in the family business of selling cloth in Karol Bagh. I loved the Indian atmosphere and became engrossed in the family tensions; the men struggling to adapt their business to changing fashions and the women jostling for position in the family home.

In this manner the Banwari Lal family acquired another daughter-in-law, from the same caste, the same community, the same locality. Everything humanly possible had been done to ensure the success of the marriage, after that it was in the hands of the gods.

At every function Nisha bloomed. Sona thought she had never seen her daughter look so lovely. And true to her expectations there were offers, offers which began with interest, then moved quickly to a demand for the horoscope. She kept her fingers crossed.

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