Good Harbor by Anita Diamant

Good Harbor

Anita Diamant

If you want a heart warming and feel-good story, then this is for you. Through the sadness and loss comes peace and happiness when painful times are finally faced openly. I found this a wonderfully gentle but deeply moving story of how the friendship and faith of two Jewish women helps each cope with different challenges in their lives.

Buddy took the cup out of her hand and put it down gently. It was so much a gesture out of a movie, Kathleen almost laughed. Buddy wrapped his arms round her and drew her close.
'I think dead is dead,' he said softly, near her ear. 'But that's not so bad. I think of it as following. Following the rest of them.'
'The rest of them?' She leaned back and looked into his eyes.
'Yeah. My mother and father. Your sister, your mom. But not just them. All of us. People.' He dropped his voice and she wasn't quite sure if he said.
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