The Scent of your Breath by Melissa P

The Scent of your Breath

Melissa P

A disturbing and challenging read. This was a very bleak world from which I was desperate to escape - but how powerfully described! Think the films of Pasolini (universal in theme but still hugely Italian) but with more sex.

The last thing a man should ever do is ask me what I think of him.
I don't think anything, what's to think? If I love you I love you, if you disgust me you disgust me. Is that so hard to figure out? And you want to know what I think? I think you shouldn't give a fuck what people think of you. I think you're selfish and cowardly, and blind, too. I think you were so greedy for me that you didn't even feel, while you were fucking me, that my body was as flat and motionless as the expensive white wine in this big glass.
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Explicit sexual content