The Story of You by Julie Myerson

The Story of You

Julie Myerson

An amazing book about love and loss. The story of Nicole who was once happy with Tom and the mother of three beloved children, but who remembers that at 19 she was Rosy, who might have loved someone else. As Nic tries to cope with sorrow and maybe even madness, can she go back to what might have been? As Rosy/Nic tells her stories I found myself hoping that at the very least she'd be able to come to terms with her life and at the best that she'd find what she's searching for. Now you must read this beautifully written book to find out if she does!


Do you think Tom and you would have carried on quite happily?
I think about this. I think of Baby and then I think of Paris and a black confusion comes over me.
I don't know I say. How can I ever know that?
Guess, you say.
I can't, I tell you. It's impossible. It's like you said, you make things come to you when you need them. And I needed you and you came. And yes, after all these years we made something strange happen and I don't understand it at all but I think we needed it. We found what we both needed.
Did I say that? you say.

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