A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill

A Cosmology of Monsters

Shaun Hamill

Offbeat horror as an ordinary small town American family are haunted by monsters. Much of this book charts Noah's coming of age but at the edge of everything, just out of sight, is a darker world which gradually draws him in.


She went inside, put the broom away, and retrieved a step stool. She took it into the yard, planted it in the soft dirt beneath the window, and climbed up for a closer look. 

A low, sick feeling began in the pit of her stomach. Three deep gouges ran through the brick to the right of the window, and the left side of the screen frame had been bent outward by at least an inch. 

She grabbed hold of the window frame to steady herself, turned her head, and vomited into the grass. Her fingertips scraped against the unyielding brick as her body convulsed and her chest burned.

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