Blowtorch by Pat O'Keeffe


Pat O'Keeffe

Vinnie Jones joins London's Burning and plays detective during race riots in East London and Basildon. Atmospheric view of the places and lots of firefighting jargon but also the (unhappy) home life and occasional hearts of gold. When the action starts it moves at quite a pace.

To my left a corpse was wrapped around me and there was another lying across that. Cranking my body to the right I pushed down with both hands and pulled my right leg free. Again I sucked at the demand valve.

I was working through an equation and if I got it wrong I wouldn't be leaving, but equally if I didn't get free soon I'd run out of air anyway.

Keep cool.

Placing my heel into the mass of bodies I kicked hard. They moved slightly and instantly a blast of scorching air hit me.

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