Newfoundland by Rebbecca Ray


Rebbecca Ray

Ynys-morlan is in dire need of regeneration and when Ruth discovers that the newcomer to the town, Charlotte, has inherited thirty-three million pounds she suggests they use the money to breathe new life into it. At 999 pages this is not a quick read, but if you want to become totally immersed in an intense story about a community and its people trying to make sense of their lives, and their past, this is the book for you.


She had laughed. Her glance had passed over him and he'd watched the way her voice had trailed into the movements of her hands. Behind each laugh and conversation, there was hatred. In the catching of her eyes on him, there was desperation, as if a skin was falling from them and the person she had been, in jokes and in conversation, had always been full of this hateful aversion, hidden. As if she herself had never realised it.

  • We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates
  • A Sin of Colour by Sunetra Gupta

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