The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates

The Falls

Joyce Carol Oates

I have never enjoyed Joyce Carol Oates before, I hated 'We Were the Mulvaneys' but this had me gripped from the very first page. Just proves that you never know what you'll like until you try it and sometimes more than once. A revelation.

She recognised her husband, she claimed, by the corpse's 'angry grin'. And by the white gold wedding ring, which matched her own, within which the blackened ring finger had swollen to several times it's size.
'Yes. It's Gilbert.' She spoke in a whisper.

Only then did the Widow-Bride lose her remarkable stamina, and her strength. Seven days and seven nights of vigilance were finished. Her eyes rolled back in her head like a shaken doll's and she would have fallen to the ground except, cursing himself for his fate, Dick Burnaby caught her in his arms.
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