The Amalgamation Polka by Stephen Wright

The Amalgamation Polka

Stephen Wright

An amazing, often blackly humorous account, of the American Civil War as seen by 16 year-old private Liberty Fish, son of Abolitionists and grandson of an archetypal Southern racist. A 21st century 'Huckleberry Finn', with an incredible cast of characters and definitely no easy answers. Should be read by anyone wanting to understand modern America - or enjoy a really good, and wonderfully written, read.


After a significant pause during which this particular morsel was scrutinized from every possible angle, Monday turned gravely about and said, 'I been hearing about this freedom business as long as rabbits got ears, and I have one question for you, Mister Liberty: which kind of freedom is this anyhow?'
'What do you mean, which kind?'
'I mean, is this mockingbird freedom or mule freedom.'

  • Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
  • American Youth by Phil Lamarche
  • Cottonwood by Scott Phillips

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