Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon


Jonathan Lyon

This book is all about extremes: pain, drugs, violence, sex. It took me right out of my comfort zone, and yet you want to know more, to figure out why Leander acts the way he does. Sometimes very direct, repulsive, but also meandering, hallucinating, psychotic, inhumane, and often incomprehensible to the ordinary mind. Although, at the end, I (maybe) experienced a flicker of understanding.

Kimber wasn’t listening. He lifted my flaccid penis between thumb and forefinger, unhooded it, and forced the blunt syringe into the hole in its head.
'You shall feel eternity,' he promised, pushing down the plunger.
The meth in his semen scalded the tender tissue of my urethra into swelling – and as it heated, it spread to my blood. Its chemistry countermanded the opiates of my afternoon – and soon all my muscles convulsed with amphetamine instead.

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Explicit sexual Content