Yours Until Death by Gunnar Staalesen

Yours Until Death

Gunnar Staalesen

As he walks down 'the mean streets' of 1970's Bergen, Varg Veum is a wisecracking, tough yet vulnerable Private Eye who should appeal to all fans of Raymond Chandler. This, together with his eye for disfunctional relationships, is enough to push author Staalesen, and his translator, right to the top of my list of favourite Scandinavian crime writers.


If he had a gun, I hadn't a chance. He could pepper the whole lift with a sawn-off shotgun in seconds and I'd end up a couple of kilos of hamburger. And that's how I'd look. Exit Varg Veum: of earth thou art come, to hamburger thou shalt return ....

  • Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo
  • Two-Way Split by Allen Guthrie

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