Bad Blood by Rhiannon Lassiter

Bad Blood

Rhiannon Lassiter

If you like scary books or films, you will enjoy this. Although it's about a group of young people, aged 10 to16 years, moments of horror are really frightening. It may make you think twice about renting an old house in the Lake District.


'I wish I'd never found that stupid doll.' Catriona said and then glanced sharply around as if she though Delilah might have heard her.
'I thought you said she was cool?' John said carefully.
'Well she isn't,' Cat said huddling into the blanket. 'She's horrible and creepy and she was in my dreams.' Her voice dropped to a whisper as she continued: 'She was cutting ....' Her hands reached up to touch her own hair. 'Cutting my hair with her scissors ....'

  • Ghost Chamber by Celia Rees
  • The Blair Witch Project by Dave Stern

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