Blacktop Wasteland by  S. A. Cosby

Blacktop Wasteland

S. A. Cosby

When ex-con Beauregard tries to do everything right for his family, everything goes wrong. With nightmarish inevitability all his struggles bind him closer to the bad old ways. Enjoy the twists and turns, knowing of course that all will come right in the end, but at what cost to his wife and friends?


'However, God has smiled on you today. Yessir, you fellas done crossed my path at a time I have need of some boys with a special set of skills,' Lazy said. Beauregard recognized the line from some stupid action movie a few years back. 'I know it seems impossible cuz I'm such a charming fella, but I'm having problems with a boy from North Carolina. We having a disagreement about who runs what round these parts. And I got to give it to him, that boy been giving me all I can handle down there. But I'm gonna win. Cuz all he got is soldiers. I got family,' Lazy said. He nodded to his men. They nodded back.

'One of his soldiers got himself a nasty meth habit. Now as fate would have it, the boy he owes is one of mine. In exchange for his debt, the soldier told me a lil secret. His boss got a shipment coming through the Carolinas. A truckload of platinum that ain't even supposed to be on this side of the country,' Lazy said. He held his hands out in supplication.


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