The Bethlehem Murders by Matt Rees

The Bethlehem Murders

Matt Rees

Share the nervous tension of a comparative innocent abroad in the Israeli controlled Palestinian community of Bethlehem to solve a murder. Amongst the blood and bullets he and his family and friends try to live 'normal' lives but look away now if you don't want to know the realities of the occupation and the Intifada.

'Leila, thank you for everything.'
'What are neighbours for these days, Abu Ramiz.'
The coffee had the delicious grittiness that Omar Yussef loved. He finished drinking and handed the cup to Leila on its gold-leaf saucer. 'Speaking of neighbours, I hear you have a new arrival in your building,' he said.
'Not just in our building. In the apartment right next door. It makes me shiver to think that those men and all their guns are just on the other side of the wall from the room where my children sleep.'
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