Pink Slime by  Fernanda Trías

Pink Slime

Fernanda Trías

This is a powerful and engaging novel set in a world that may be just around the corner. The port is is crumbling, the river is full of dead fish, and a red wind blows through the streets. Food is hard to find and those who can have moved inland. The unnamed narrator struggles to survive whilst reflecting on her relationship with her husband and mother. A chilling tour de force as the reader feels trapped also in this shrinking world.


... the relentless advance of the red wind. Unless you've lived it, you could never imagine the nauseating stench, the sudden heat, the river swelling like an octopus, the foam tinted crimson by algae. From one moment to the next, the landscape was transformed: the alarm's deafening blare, hands emerging from buildings to pull windows shut, fishermen packing up their things. The inlanders watched the phenomenon on television, saw the case numbers rise, and worried all these people might flock to their clean safe cities. 

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