The Fountain at the Centre of the World by Robert Newman

The Fountain at the Centre of the World

Robert Newman

Robert Newman is a left wing political comedian and given that this is a novel about the effects of big business on the world in general, and one Mexican family in particular I feared I'd be bored by well-meaning preaching. Not so - after a few pages I was really involved in a fast-paced thriller and what is more, convinced of the rightness of Newman's cause. Read it yourself to see if it has the same effect on you.

The man looked up from his reading and said: Now Article 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention outlaws the use of any gas made from industrial agents. So we took testimony from people who experienced this CN gas thinking we'd sue the Police Department and the city here. But I'm afraid we can't sue. You see, there's a little legal loophole. While Article 2 does ban this gas from international conflicts, it specifically excludes domestic situations. You can use chemical weapons on your own people .... The one thing all nations agree on is the real threat's you.
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