Always the Sun by Neil Cross

Always the Sun

Neil Cross

A page turner. I was gripped up by the story of a father's attempts to deal with the boy who is bulying his son. Vey good on the detail of everyday life, as well as the grim and gritty scenes. Makes you wonder how far you would go to protect someone you care about.

Sam lit a cigarette and leant against the car. Liam came scuffling down the street, chewing gum. Sam stepped out in front of him.

At first Liam didn't recognise him. His passing confusion, edged with fear, was disarming. Sam saw how much bigger he was than the boy, and how much stronger. He felt he could reach out and rip Liam's head from his shoulders, and rend the limbs from their sockets.

He said, "Get in the car".
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