Micka by Frances Kay


Frances Kay

Told from the point of view of two ten year old boys, this is a dark novel that deals with the disturbing issues of sexual and physical abuse. In spite of the violent subject matter it is a compelling, challenging read, and the simplistic, realistic narration left me feeling a strange mix of both sympathy and horror.


I had a dream about the new baby. It was like Donna with angel hair and a little blue dress. In my dream the baby got out the buggy in the kitchen and came walking to me, holding her hands out to me, smiling. She put her mouth to my cheek and I saw her eyes were red where the white part should be and she bit my cheek and spat it out and I was bleeding in the dream, and I pushed her away but she bit the other cheek and her teeth were silver colour like metal and sharp like a saw and the bit of my cheek hung between them and it was the colour of liver.

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