Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli

Almost Blue

Carlo Lucarelli

Seriously deranged killer stalks blind internet/jazz fanatic and is stalked by the police. Concentration is needed to differentiate between the voices of the protagonist. Having said that this is a must for all fans of European 'noir' - even though the female DI doesn't work for me - I can't believe Italian women are that wet.


This city isn't like the others, Matera had said. You say you want to search the university - OK - we'll search the university, we'll sift through the students, we'll check out their clubs, apartments, cafeterias ... but you know what, Ispettore Negro? The university isn't what it seems either. Students come to Bologna from all parts of Italy.

  • Violetta by Pieke Biermann
  • The Monster of Florence by Magdalen Nabb

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