Boiling a Frog by Christopher Brookmyre

Boiling a Frog

Christopher Brookmyre

Part political thriller and part merciless satire on corruption in high places where everyone has their price. A keenly-observed blend of stomach-churning violence, farcically black humour, Scottish slang and scathing moral comment on prison life, politics and journalism.

Janice, having divided her gaze between her prospective patient and the contents of her bag, had failed to notice how far down the polished boards the ordurous pool had spread. She skidded with both feet and was sent into the air as though slide-tackled by an invisible centre-half, landing against one wall with a horribly unmistakable snap. By some minute mercy she at least didn't splash down in the pool, but Elspeth reckoned it would be scant consolation.
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