The Believers by Zoe Heller

The Believers

Zoe Heller

Personal problems and private crisis are thrown into focus as radical lawyer, and larger than life father, Joel, lies in coma. Each chapter brings a different story: Rosa’s growing interest in Orthodox Judaism, strong-minded Audrey coming to terms with an unexpected revelation; Karla’s unhappy marriage. The fascination lies in the family dynamic as each member grapples with major life decisions – and a writing style that does both funny and moving with equal skill.

Audrey sat down in an armchair. The walls of the lounge had been painted with a special sponging technique to give the impression of fresco. Hanging above the sofa where Kate was sitting was a group of nautical prints: unmanned schooners on glassy seas. A low table in the corner of the room was piled high with back issues of American Business and American Baby. 'Well, this is a real shit-hole, isn't it?' Audrey remarked as she took out her phone.
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