The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Tiffany Baker

A touching story of life in a small, American town. The Plaice sisters are as far apart in looks as they are in personality. Whilst Serena is popular and beautiful (and knows it), Truly is large, manly but kind. Truly has an illness - a ticking bomb inside her. But not for one minute does she feel sorry for herself. Her compassion for those around her, even those who have treated her so cruelly in the past is admirable. Never have I wanted a character in a book to have a happy ending more. I won't spoil it for you ....

Take it, she thought. I never wanted it in the first place.
'Truly?' Bob Morgan puzzled, wiping his hands with a cloth, glistening finger by glistening finger. 'Lily, what the heck kind of a name is that?' But he never received an answer. By the time he removed me from my mother's breast, cupping my enormous head with the spread palm of his hand, my mother's lips had gone as blue as the sky outside.
'Well,' Bob Morgan said, looking into my eyes, 'you may be ugly as sin and heavy as an ox, but I guess your mama loved you truly.' Wide-eyed, I suckled my fist and took in the doctor's words with a look of gravity, as if I knew that for the next three decades, it would be the only direct reference I would ever have to the word love.
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