Speak the Truth, Laughing by Rose Zwi

Speak the Truth, Laughing

Rose Zwi

I don't usually read short stories, but I was impressed by the range of subjects and settings in this book. Zwi's deceptively easy style and light touch, make for thought provoking reading. Perfect for dipping into when time is short.

With minutes to sunset, Jeanne had not yet reached the hills. The red-tinged veld, with occasional ploughed-up mealie fields, stretches away to the horizon. Red-roofed farm houses and mud-daubed huts of farm labourers, stand isolated, unadorned, in the long grass, without a tree in sight. She slows down as she approaches yet another rural town with a cemetery, a police station and a black township on its outskirts. Cylindrical wheat silos tower over austere churches and dull-fronted shops, and houses with iron lacing line streets wide enough to turn a span of oxen.
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