The Cranes That Build the Cranes by Jeremy Dyson

The Cranes That Build the Cranes

Jeremy Dyson

These short stories make for highly disturbing reading – not for the fainthearted. All contain elements of danger and damage - both psychological and physical. The violence is graphic; and the supernatural elements are equally horrific. The very formal and slightly old-fashioned quality of the writing makes this an exceptional collection and is recommended for those looking for something beyond the typical horror genre.

The man tried to hold on, a delicate touch almost like a child's. He released the scream he had been retaining. His fingers attempted to tighten. Spotpal tightened his own grip. He looked for something in the other man's face but everything was gone. He squeezed hard, as if this might bring the man back to him. The wind picked up around him, the air contracting above the cooling ocean. It was too late. He stared down at the mess of pulp and matter.

He felt the responsibility for the pain in which the man had died pressing on him, closing round him like a cage.

He filled his lungs with air.

He screamed into the unperceiving wind.
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