Made in Yaroslavl by Jeremy Weingard

Made in Yaroslavl

Jeremy Weingard

I was happily swept along with the escapades of fraudsters Sergei and Ivanov as they search for the secret ingredient of the infamous Yaroslavl pickled cucumber. The oppressive regime of 1980s' Russia is satirised in this quirky quest of barefaced cunning, which raised both a smile, and an eyebrow, along the way.

'Let me set your mind at ease,' offered Ivanov, 'regarding the report at least. I was able to recover Martinova's notes from her person before she was put on ice. Here they are - I trust you will be able to pull something together from them. I have also thrown in our latest brochure, operating procedures manual, street map of Yaroslavl, colour photos of a plate of pickles, and a glossary of cucumber terminology.'
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