Serious Men by Manu Joseph

Serious Men

Manu Joseph

A wonderfully funny story that covers serious issues of caste and social tension with a deft, light touch. From the Mumbai slums and one man's attempts to escape the inevitabilities of his situation, through to the Brahmin's infighting at the Institute of Theory and Research, this book is both intelligent and entertaining. An intriguing portrayal of contemporary India.

There was a caste system even on the roads. The cars, their faces frowning in a superior way through the bonnet grilles, were the Brahmins. They were higher than the motorcycles who were higher than the pedestrians. The cycles were lowest of the low. Even the pedestrians pretended that they didn't see them. The bus had to be something in this structure, and Ayyan decided it was him. Lowly, but formidable and beyond torment. In any given situation in this country, Ayyan thought with a chuckle that did not surface, someone was the Brahmin and someone was the untouchable.
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