P-Town Summer by Lisa Stocker

P-Town Summer

Lisa Stocker

This starts as a light and frothy summer read, with four friends determined to enjoy their vacation. However, these women are gay, and their lives are not quite that straightforward.
Amidst the sunbathing, dancing and cocktails, the book touches on the problems and pain associated with coming out to family and friends, forming relationships and coping with messy break-ups. I had problems with the sparse, dialogue-laden style, but if you like a lively read that delves into other people's relationships, this is worth a try.


'Jesus Christ! Look at all these women!' Kit burst out.
'Down, girl. Take a deep breath. Just remember 'looky but no touchy.'
'Oh, stop. That's not what I meant. I've just never seen so many gay people in one place before. And everyone's holding hands, with all these straight people around!'
'Welcome to P-Town.'
'I know how gay you said it was, but I somehow thought that meant all gay.'
'Nope. That's the neat thing about this place. It's the only place I know of where the whole gay/straight thing is pretty much a non-issue.'

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