The Fire Gospel by Michel Faber

The Fire Gospel

Michel Faber

Having his ear cut off by Simon Peter was the least of Malchus's troubles - no fixed abode, a bilious stomach, a disagreeable father, and he becomes the author of a lost Gospel that when discovered will set the world on fire. So when a bomb triggers Theo Griepenkerl’s discovery of Malchus's manuscript, that is exactly what happens. An exhilarating read steeped in the New Testament - and with no punches pulled.

Theo jerked back into focus, forced himself to re-inhabit the body that was perched on a cream sofa in the studio set of the Barbara Kuhn show. His body was dressed in smart casuals, including a jacket he'd bought specially for the tour. His hair was washed and combed, the little scars on his face were hidden under a dusting of cosmetics. To the best of his ability, he switched on a light of amiable yet authoritative intelligence behind his eyes, for the viewers at home to notice and admire.
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